About Us

We have been continuing the activity that we started in 1990 uninterrupted so far We have supplied all kinds of Mak spare parts on bronze (red) yellow (brass) and aluminum to Denizli industry and Aegean region industries.

Continuous Casting Method has more positive effect on the homogeneous grain structure, machinability and mechanical properties of bronze materials compared to Sand and Centrifugal Casting methods. With this method, it can be cast in filled and perforated round, hexagonal, flat, square and special sections. It is the only method that should be preferred especially for High Lead Tin Bronzes due to lead deposition problem.

In the process from raw material input to product output, each material is followed according to the analysis given before casting.

With years of experience, we believe that our greatest asset is our ability to respond quickly to your immediate needs. We can perform this service within hours following your order in your special circumstances.